RESAT is a major supplier/distributor medical products such as medical & laboratory equipment, surgical instruments, diagnostics equipment, medical disposables, hospital supplies, as well as many other consumer supplies.

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Treatment & Examination Couches

Easy Clean Commode
DBO Commode

Variable Height Baby Cribs

  • Specifying Requirements - We will analyse your needs to identify products that meet your requirements
  • Product Demonstrations - We will allow you the opportunity to gain 'hands on' experience of our products to ensure that it is suitable for your needs
  • Project Planning - We will work with you and your team to identify any constraints and agree delivery phasing to ensure that we are able to fully meet your expectations
  • Scheduled Deliveries - We will deliver your order using our own transport to an agreed delivery schedule and, if agreed place the product and remove any packaging
  • Installation & Commissioning - The majority of the products that we supply requires no installation or commissioning, however we can provide this where it is required
  • Training - We can supply training to ensure that the products are used and maintained in the correct manner
  • Full Service & Repair Support - Bristol Maid™ branded products are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of everyday use, which under normal conditions should provide many years of trouble free use. However there are times where attention is required due to wear and tear or misuse
  • Maintenance Contracts - Peace of mind service contracts to ensure that your product is periodically checked and where necessary adjustments and repairs are made
  • Site Audit & Equipment Recommendations - We will support you with site and equipment audits